Quality Label for Swiss Tourism

On June 27, 2002, the Auditing Board of Swiss Tourism in Bern has provided the Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc, Castaneda with the Quality Label for Swiss Tourism Level 1 Award.

With this award, the Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc, according to a report by the inspection body and the regional quality commission, met the requirements for obtaining the first Level Quality Label for Swiss Tourism.

The program “Quality Label for Swiss Tourism” aims to enhance the quality awareness and continually develop the service quality in the travel and holiday destinations of Switzerland.


What does “Quality Label Level 1» mean?

Companies that have been awarded the Quality Label Level 1 have, can form a quality coach, made a self-assessment, analyzes the most important processes from the perspective of guests, identified critical and defined quality standards and checked the handling of complaints. Measures for the further improvement of quality are defined and implemented annually.

For more information about program quality label for Swiss Tourism, visit the homepages www.MySwitzerland.com and www.swisstourfed.ch.