Holistic retreat centre Clinica al Ronc

clinic stairsParacelsus Clinica al Ronc is the first and leading competence center in Switzerland, using biological medicine, with inpatient treatment options.

Our clinic is considered  Natural Health Clinic: We focus on a holistic healing approach and serve our guests regional, seasonal and organic food, as they rest and recharge their health at our refreshing location in the Calanca Valley of the Swiss Alps.

We stand for the contents of biological medicine, in which our concept is never based on symptoms, but always on people. Only when we understand the cause of illness, can we become consciously involved in the healing process and move toward health.

We treat people, not symptoms

IMG_6413We realize the importance of rest and relaxation in the healing process, because regeneration requires tranquility.

Here, in the Calanca Valley of the Southern Swiss Alps, we offer our patients a quiet and peaceful environment, creating the perfect atmosphere to heal and regenerate, while receiving treatments and therapies from our skilled team of medical doctors and therapists.

We are especially focused on Pain Management and Psychosomatic Treatment. Please see the Diseases & Therapies page for a list of some of the diseases we focus on.

Interested? Read our Brochure!

See our newest brochure, translated into German, English and Italian, with the latest information on our diagnosis, treatment, and therapy methods, as well as the gourmet restaurant, hotel, beautiful location, and special offers.

It also includes new pictures of the clinic, a map of the area, several testimonials from researchers and guests, and much more.

Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc Brochure (Download PDF)

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